Travel Lodge Hotels

Summer sun is out and a good dip in a nice, cool beach, sipping cold fruit juices and eating native delicacies seem to be in everyone’s agenda. As such, my little daughter and I are planning our next Summer get away scheduled in a month’s time. And as much as I’d like to treat my little girl to some fancy 5-star hotel accommodation, we will have to choose something less expensive and more affordable without sacrificing the comfort and safety of my family.A search for the best inns and travel lodge hotels generate a long list of affordable accommodations. And as I check each site, I found myself weighing more than two choices. Each one offered different accommodations and amenities and here are some of the observations and considerations that I drew up based on my last year’s travel:1. Travel Lodge Hotels are all the rage. With the recent economic slow-down, people have either put off taking vacations or have chosen closer destinations, all to save some money. But I realized that travelling and vacationing has become very affordable during these times with the presence of travel lodge hotels. A number of tourists are seeking to discover new culture, new food to taste and new adventures, and this kind of accommodation provides them a comfortable place to sleep in at night.2. Travel Lodge Hotels are budget friendly. With prices ranging from USD 35 to a high of USD 100 a night, depending on your choice of tourist spot, these hotels provide affordable accommodations. This gives you more flexibility on your budget, and gives you more room for sight-seeing, dining out and yes, shopping. Check out vacation packages being offered by these types of accommodation. They carry amazing value rates for all types of travelers: family vacations for an affordable rate on family rooms and free breakfast packages; backpackers who wish to see multiple city locations; couples on weekend escapades etc.3. Travel Lodge Hotels are safe and clean. Known for consistent clean and comfortable accommodations, these travel lodge hotels are also known to make the safety of their guests a top priority. At the one I stayed in, fire extinguishers and fire exits are duly identified at each floor. Fire alarms and exit maps are also evident in every room. Furthermore, 24-hour security is carried by these places, and the obvious presence of guards, hotel staff and concierge assures you of a peaceful and secure slumber.4. Travel Lodge Hotels are known for personal touches, and hospitable ambience. Similar to bed and breakfasts and inns, these travel lodge hotels pride themselves of that personal and homely feeling we travelers like to experience. With friendly and caring service, we can be assured of nothing but top of the line hospitality.5. Travel Lodge Hotels can be found in notable, ideal and key locations. There won’t be much of a hassle if you need to tour around the city’s famous landmarks or to look for local convenience store or a doctor’s clinic. As businessmen often use travel lodge hotels for their accommodations, you can be assured that the place has free wiki and office amenities giving you access information to the city’s best beaches, clubs or noted tourist destinations.Having found all these in my choice of travel lodge hotel, I am well on my way of taking my little daughter for some good rest and recreation. More importantly, we are set to experience a one of a kind summer vacation within our set budget.Happy summer!

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