The Re-Education Of Me: Mind, Body, Spirit Connection

“Body, Mind, Spirit” is not some far-out thing only attained by 8 hours of meditation a day, hours of intense Yoga, or starting to dress like your Guru. It is our innate way of being. Sometime in the early 1900′s, societies moved us away from this natural state of being by making a creating a “split” or division of who we are as humans. The mind went to the government in the form of state education, body to scientific/medical realm (Doctors etc.,) and the spirit to organized religion – our churches.And so our inner split happened. Let’s address all three areas.1) The Medical/Science ProfessionsDoctors treat symptoms, not Human Beings. If you have a problem with your liver, it’s not only the liver that needs attention, it’s the whole of who you are and literally the interconnectedness within your physical body as well your mind and spirit. Let’s not forget that no two people are alike. We do need the science to treat the symptom, but we should also look closer at the individual. There are numerous studies that prove that biochemistry is inseparable from emotions and from our energy. Our brain, glands and immune system are in constant communication.2) Organized ReligionMuch of religion asks us go on blind faith and to completely cut yourself off from your own internal information. Many religions ask their followers to believe that only god knows and we should succumb and surrender to this Omnicient being who is “higher/above us” and very separate from us – instead of looking within. This “spiritual” way of being is to be held separately which is impossible because we are a spirit. Religion has put an emphasis on our mind’s relationship to God or the highest Spirit (often a fearful relationship!) Instead of teaching that we are connected to, and part of God.3) EducationIn our modern educational institutions, parents and family are completely taken out of the equation. All focus is on our mind and brains as a giant collective. There is no thought given to the individual, creativity, emotions, nor spirit. Which is a continual overriding of who we are innately. Children learn from an early age “don’t feel – just think” which is detrimental for our well-being.But the truth of our very being is that you have all the information you need inside of you. We’re just not conditioned to talk about it, because a lot of business models are based on invalidating and disempowering us in order to buy or use their services. Yet our core – our connectedness is there. It IS underneath all that invalidation and disempowerment which we carry in our Bodymind.You would never talk to a friend the way you are talking to yourself. So inhale. Wave good-bye to the invalidation and say “hello, validation.” This is a process of letting go of all that old energy.Take two small steps to get started:1) When you notice you are stressed, angry etc, pay attention. Acknowledge the emotion. And STOP where you are. Yes, no matter where you are. Stop. And breathe five full amazing Breaths. Emotions might come up – let them. If you need to cry, great go ahead. If you are angry, just let that happen too. And Breathe… and then go to step 2:2) Write down or think of 5 things you are grateful for and really feel them – even say them out loud. You will also feel a shift in how you were feeling.Easy, right? Just allow yourself to be in the present moment to do this. And once you start this practice, it will get easier and easier, until it just becomes second nature. Breathe in the essential amazing-ness of who you are. An amazing Human being no matter what you have done in your life, no matter who you are. Enjoy.Start by breathing and validating yourself and let gratitude be an amazing light.

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